Does CBD Oil Interfere With Blood Pressure Meds

Does CBD Oil Interfere With Blood Pressure Meds

When taking CBD Oil in conjunction with any other medication it is suggested that you take them 30 minutes apart from one another but as always, you should speak to your Dr before using CBD Oil to treat any issues.

The popularity of cannabis products is rapidly growing across the globe. The products are gaining more popularity because of the two primary compounds Tetrahydrocannabinol and Cannabidiol.

THC has psychoactive effects while CBD is non-psychoactive. CBD is rich in health benefits treating a wide range of medical conditions. For example, high blood pressure which is wiping out a huge part of the world’s population is now decreasing due to natural remedies.

While CBD Oil has not yet been prescribed as a treatment for high blood pressure. There have been many doctors that have now approved the use of CBD Oil along with medication as long as they are taken 30 minutes apart.

CBD Oil does not contain much traces of THC. The percentage of THC is almost untraceable in the CBD oil. Most states, therefore, allow for the use of CBD oil for medicinal purposes. THC, on the other hand, is illegal in most states because of its effects when taken in huge doses.

Most of the Fascinating facts on CBD Oil and high blood pressure are listed below:

CBD Oil and High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure in notorious in recording a very high number of deaths from conditions such as heart attack and stroke. Scientists have spent endless nights in the laboratory trying to find the medicine for High blood pressure to reduce the number of deaths.

Extensive research has proven that CBD is rich in properties which help in reducing blood pressure. CBD oil is prescribed by the physicians to patients suffering from high blood pressure and related conditions.

In addition to research, I have had some great results using CBD Oil over the course of a month to reduce my high blood pressure and a friend of mine’s dad has had even better results over the past couple months.

My downfall is that I have not been as consistent as her dad has been and I am still really happy with having gotten below stage 2 and even stage 1 hypertension but I plan to start setting an alarm to remind me to take it each morning.

How Does CBD Oil Reduce High Blood Pressure?

CBD Oil works to reduce anxiety and stress. In most cases, anxiety is caused by too much stress and can be something as normal as having children. The reduction of stress and anxiety will eventually lower heart rates. This will ultimately reduce the risks of having a heart attack.

My wife personally struggled with Anxiety after having my 2nd daughter and I never thought anything about it. It wasn’t until she began having severe trouble breathing that she decided to go to the hospital.

That is when they told us that her oxygen levels were fine and that her breathing was normal. They then said to go to our local Dr. and that is when we learned that she had developed Anxiety out of nowhere.

The CBD oil compounds incorporate into the endocannabinoid system which is made up of numerous receptors. These receptors are responsible for regulating the homeostatic functions of the body.

Cannabidiol reduces the pressure in the arteries. When the pressure in the blood arteries is high, CBD oil works to relax the blood vessels. This makes the pumping work of the heart easier reducing the risk of having stroke attacks henceforth by a large margin.

How Does CBD Oil Interfere With Blood Pressure Meds?

Most health experts have embraced the theory that the synthetic medications we ingest are metabolized by liver enzyme namely, CYP450. The enzyme also breaks down the CBD oil that you consume. Consumption of CBD and blood pressure drugs simultaneously is likely to block the enzymes.

Blocking of the enzymes allows for more absorption of components of the drug directly into the bloodstream. You are most likely to feel more sedated when you take both. You are therefore advised to refrain from mixing CBD oil with blood pressure meds.

Other Health Benefits of CBD Oil

CBD oil is very much helpful in protecting its users from heart attacks and strokes. Below are more advantages of using CBD oil.

CBD oil Cures Insomnia. The lack of sleep is very dangerous to your health. For those who have insomnia, seek this side-effect free method of inducing sleep by interacting with the endocannabinoid system. Sufficient sleep improves your health and productivity at work too.

Alleviates Cancer-Oriented Symptoms

The unique composition of cannabis alleviates symptoms related to cancer. Among the mentioned symptoms include vomiting, nausea, chronic pain and loss of appetite. In other circumstances, the doctor may give you a prescription of CBD oil in case you are experiencing symptoms similar to the cancer patients.

Effective for patients suffering from epilepsy

CBD oil has been prescribed to patients that experience regular cases of seizure attacks. Patients who have epilepsy have reported cases of reduced attacks of seizure episodes. This is wonderful given that the medication is natural leading very few adverse effects.

How can you use CBD Oil?

Cannabinoids may be consumed in different ways. Here is a list which you may choose from depending on your preference.

Tincture. Probably one of the most popular methods of oral ingestion. Tincture may be added to food for direct consumption. Alternatively, you may opt to use the dropper to insert a few drops under your tongue. The effect is almost immediately and long-lasting for about 3-6 hours depending on the consumer.

Vaping. Another popular method of oral ingestion is via vapes. Vaping is almost similar to smoking, but in this option, you do not burn leaves. You heat the CBD oil in a vessel until it reaches boiling points. You inhale the CBD oil vapor. The method of vaping is safer to the lungs as compared to smoking.

Capsules and tablets. The Cannabinoid is also available in the medical centers and licensed outlets in the form of capsules and tablets. With a strict prescription from your physician, you can stay safe from heart complications. You only need to adhere to the prescription from your physician strictly.

CBD transdermal patches. Transdermal patches are gaining popularity for their ease of use and discretion. You need to stick the patch onto your skin. The CBD available in the patch is slowly absorbed into your bloodstream by the endocannabinoid system. Effects start to wear off after 3-6 hours of application.

Cannabinoid Infused lotions and creams. Body lotions and creams make it easier for CBD absorption into your skin. The scent of CBD on you is negligible while the positive effects are tuned only to you. You get to say safer from heart complications and acne among others. What’s more important is that no one can find out you have cannabis in your system.

Do We Have Any Side Effects Of Using The CBD Oil?

Any product having advantages shall have disadvantages too. Below are some of the negative effects of CBD oil.

Some CBD oil products may contain traces of THC. It is not recommended nor is it allowed by the law to include THC in the CBD oils. Other producers include traces of THC in high levels that may cause one to get high. This is dangerous for the patients prone to episodes of hallucination.

CBD Medication is a Threat to Safe Pregnancy. Pregnant women are advised to refrain from CBD medications. Research shows that the composition of the CBD compound enables it to affect the placental barrier. This affects the permeability of the placental barrier exposing the fetus to dangerous attacks.

Factors to Consider Before Purchasing CBD Oil Products

You will need to consult your physician. As we have stated in our illustrations above, CBD oil products are hazardous when taken with blood pressure meds simultaneously. Your physician will guide you on you more information about mixing the two medications.

CBD oil is dangerous in very high amounts. If taken in the small recommended dosage, CBD oil products are rich in positive effects on your body. You are therefore recommended to adhere to your prescription at all times so that you may derive the best from CBD oil products. Overdosing is not safe for your health.

You should not take CBD oil to get high. Since the oils are extracted from cannabis plants, one may be tempted to take CBD oil to get high. CBD oil does not contain traces of THC that can get you high. You need to appreciate CBD oil for its healing benefits.

The World Health Organization has approved the safety of Cannabidiol products. Personal testimonies are also available to support the claims that CBD oils products are our savior for several conditions. Included are cancer and cardiovascular complications. Do not forget to consult your physician on the best medications for you to avoid the possible adverse side effects of CBD oil.

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